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In 2016 Mercier Vanderlinden decided to become the first Carbon Neutral Asset Manager in Belgium. Cooperating with CO2 Logic, a Belgian climate & energy advisor, the firm took active steps to reduce and neutralize the carbon and environmental footprint of the company.
By supporting “Saving Trees”, a carbon reducing project in Uganda, the company successfully offset all of its CO2 emissions and as a result was rewarded its “CO2 Offsetting Certificate” (N° 900281).


Saving Trees, a Gold Standard certified initiative, helps to save trees, reduce forest degradation and ensure better living conditions for the local population by reducing harmful airbone pollutants in the households.
Since the beginning of the program, 482,000 stoves have been built and sold, 230+ jobs have been created and 2.4 million people have benefitted from reduced pollutions and higher savings.
The environment itself has benefited from a reduction in CO2 emissions (around 2. 66 million tonnes!) and around 7.2 million trees have been saved.

At Mercier Vanderlinden we are well aware that climate change has an important cost to our future generations. By choosing for CO2 neutrality, we take responsibility for the true impact of our CO2 emissions instead of shifting it to society.