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Merclin Global Equity

Merclin Global Equity, a subfund of MercLin SICAV, is an actively managed fund invested in equities worldwide. The objective of the fund is to increase the value of your investment over the long term while outperforming the MSCI AC World Euro Index. The composition of the subfund's portfolio may differ significantly from that of its benchmark index.

Under normal market conditions, the subfund primarily invests in a diversified portfolio of equities (at least 70% of its assets) from OECD countries. The subfund may invest directly in equities or indirectly by investing in units of other investment funds. The subfund may invest up to 10% of its assets in regulated hedge funds.

The fund is recommended to investors with an investment horizon of at least 3 to 5 years.

Merclin II Patrimonium

The objective of the fund is to increase the value of your investment over the medium- to long-term. Under normal market conditions, the fund primarily invests in a diversified portfolio of equities and bonds from all countries worldwide, including from emerging countries.

The fund may invest directly in equities or bonds, or indirectly by investing in units of other investment funds or in certificates of deposit. In order to take advantage or hedge against market fluctuations, or for effective portfolio management, the sub-fund may use derivatives.

The Fund Manager will select the various investment classes, sectors and countries in a flexible manner, on the basis of macroeconomic and financial criteria. This fund is suitable for investors who understand the risks of the fund and who wish to invest for a minimum investment horizon of 3 to 5 years.

Merclin Institutional

Mercier Vanderlinden Asset Management has been managing the institutional DBI-RDT sicav governed by Belgian law in financial instruments and liquid assets, MercLin Institutional Fund, with its only sub-fund MercLin Institutional Equity Fund DBI-RDT, since 2010.  The fund was set up at the request of our clients who, in addition to the management of their moveable private assets, were looking also for a solution to the management of the reserves in their family business. 

The strategy of our DBI-RDT fund is the same as that of our other equity fund MercLin Global Equity, namely to protect the purchasing power of the capital entrusted to us. Thanks to this shared investment philosophy, Merclin Institutional Fund can enjoy the same analysis and expertise built up at Mercier Vanderlinden Asset Management over the last 15 years.

This fund also meets the requirements of the Definitively Taxed Income regime. In this way,  MercLin Institutional Fund offers companies, subject to Belgian corporate tax, a fiscally attractive solution. For more information on the recent changes in corporate taxation we refer to this page.

The minimum investment for MercLin Institutional Fund is €250,000. Shares can only be acquired and held by eligible investors.

The entrusted capital consists of reserves of active companies and the assets of family holdings.

For all practical details, send an e-mail to, and our staff will be pleased to oblige.

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