Stéphane Mercier left, Thomas Vanderlinden right

Stéphane mercier

Managing Partner

Stéphane graduated from the VUB with a Bachelor in Business Administration. From 1995 until the end of 1998 he worked for Bank Delen in Antwerp and in Luxembourg. He is passionate about financial markets since he was 15 and in 1999 he decided to create Mercier Vanderlinden Asset Management together with Thomas Vanderlinden. Stéphane is Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer. He manages the MercLin Global Equity Fund since 2003.

Thomas Vanderlinden

Managing Partner

Born in a family of bankers and graduated as a financial analyst (ABAF), Thomas started his professional career at Bank Delen. At the end of 1999 he decides to create his own asset management company together with Stéphane Mercier. As Managing Partner, he is responsible for the daily management and the commercial development of the firm.

Our History

After the sale of the family holdings in An-Hyp, Devos Lemmens and Frisk in the 90s, the Mercier family and the Vanderlinden family decided in 2000 to entrust the management of their assets to Stéphane (Mercier) and Thomas (Vanderlinden). From the start the goal has been to safeguard the purchasing power of the family assets and to increase it for the next generations. Both the name Mercier Vanderlinden and the credo "We Take it Personally" are an expression of their personal commitment to their clients.

Our added value

Joint commitment

"Our clients invest in the same portfolio as the founding families. Consequently, we have common interests. The managing partners handle the management of your portfolio, so you know exactly to whom you entrust your portfolio management."

Thomas Vanderlinden

Simplicity & specialisation

"Mercier Vanderlinden has adopted a very simple investment model. By limiting ourselves to three investment portfolios, we can develop a much higher degree of specialisation and expertise in terms of investment."

Vincent de Pret

Independence & transparency

"Mercier Vanderlinden is a fully independent manager. This means that we are not bound by brokerage fees or financial products, which allows us to think long-term."

Stéphane Mercier

Vigilance & stability

"Mercier Vanderlinden puts the focus on a vigilant and stable long-term investment strategy. We offer our clients quality investments, which should hold up in difficult times."

Frédéric Van Doosselaere